Flame wars break out among activists

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 25 Jan 2021

Incoming! Boom! It was World War Three in cyberspace yesterday as bitter fights broke out among Hong Kong activists.

Most shockingly, a Western expatriate protester who uses the name The Joxter - which partly overlaps with his real name - accused his former buddy, the infamous Hong Kong Hermit, of displaying sexual interests of an illegal nature. The claim, if untrue, would likely be considered defamatory [which is why we are not printing details].

Hermit, one of the best-known Western members of Hong Kong's anti-China protesters, neither confirmed nor denied the claims but closed access to his Twitter account.

Hermit, who was dubbed "the leader of the Hong Kong protest movement" by New York-based commentator Wilfred Chan, can be disturbing.

One reader of this newspaper yesterday said he once told Hermit that a particular protest was only hurting the poor.

"He used foul language and doxxed me with a picture of my family. I was creeped out at the time, and even more so now," he said.

Hermit, who used to work as a teacher, is believed to have left Hong Kong.

The Joxter yesterday tweeted: "I fully expect his revenge for this will be to grass me up to the National Security Law police himself."

* * *

Meanwhile, a parallel war broke out between two of the noisier Hong Kong activist groups.

On one side is the camp of Solomon Yue and Nikki Miu-miu, who endlessly express hope for the collapse of Hong Kong and mainland China.

On the other are people like gay Christian activist Ze Big Dragon, and Hong Kong Harv [who pushes the theory that Hong Kong is already a giant prison and gives his address as "CPP Gulag"].

Their dispute? The first group wants respect for Donald Trump because of all he did for Hong Kong protesters, while the second is badmouthing Republicans.

So ungrateful!

* * *

A Hongkonger who made it to the UK on a BNO passport was disappointed with the stamp he got on his passport, pictured left, I heard from reader Raam Beart. It says he can't receive welfare cash nor earn his own money. That makes it tricky.

* * *

Another Westerner regularly at the 2019 Hong Kong protests was Michael Yon, an American known for his pastime of screaming at police officers. Then Yon had a big fight with Hermit who threatened to cyberbully him "until the heat death of the universe". And what is Yon up to at the moment? Read on.

* * *

Michael Yon is back in the US, telling everyone who will listen that the people who led the storming of the Capitol Building in Washington DC were disguised instigators using Hong Kong protest tactics.

Americans working with our protesters in 2019 "brought a lot of the tactics back from Hong Kong to the United States," he told the Epoch Times.

Wait, a minute, what Americans? Weren't we told that Western involvement was a lie?

Yon "revealed" that the REAL story of the Capitol Hill riot was that Trump followers protested peacefully while all actual damage was done by disguised instigators. Yes, it's the same story Claudia Mo Man-ching pushed endlessly in Hong Kong.

* * *

Benedict Rogers of Hong Kong Watch recommended Epoch Times as a news source to his followers yesterday. His credibility is so far underwater that it is now attempting to excavate the seabed.

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