In Hong Kong, women need to look north

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 31 Jul 2020

Oh man! The male shortage in Hong Kong has dropped to record lows, with just 838 men in the city for every 1,000 women, government statisticians revealed yesterday.

The number of women in Hong Kong has gone through the four million barrier to 4,084,400, but the city has just 3,423,000 men.

If we all lined up in country dance style in Victoria Park, with each woman next to a man, there would be 661,400 women at the back with no partners.

But the news is not all bad, ladies.

In mainland China, there are an estimated 24 million "spare" men of marriageable age - and with such a large number, there must be at least a million who look like Sean Xiao.

* * *

Hongkongers: "I can't eat in restaurants because of health concerns."

Also Hongkongers: "So I'll have my lunch in the toilet instead."

* * *

The latest idiotic scheme to build a "New Hong Kong" focuses on a patch of open fields in Ireland, championed by Ivan Ko, a property developer.

This columnist adores all things Irish, but I can't see Hong Kong people putting up with the place for more than a week.

It's grey and rainy and cold, people moan about public services nonstop, and social occasions are built around the consumption of huge amounts of Guinness, a drink that looks and tastes like black paint.

The scheme may be idiotic, but Ivan Ko is probably very clever. The development of New Hong Kong in his plan would be handled by a "for profit" company, he said.

* * *

Now that it's illegal to lower your mask for a cigarette in Hong Kong, more cunning schemes are necessary, said a smoker, sending me an example of his mask with a hidden opening.

* * *

A protester was arrested yesterday in New York - grabbed by four plainclothes officers and thrown into an unmarked car which sped off, the whole process caught on a smartphone for social media.

Yes, and that's in the country that keeps saying Hong Kong has lost the rule of law.

If a daylight kidnapping like that had happened here, it would be shown nonstop on BBC and CNN, and we'd already be getting sanctions from the US, the UK, the European Union, Australia and New Zealand.

* * *

Talking of politics, could someone please inform the UK, Australia and New Zealand that we in Hong Kong originated the phrase "No Extradition Law" and they need to pay us money.

* * *

There are still way too many thoughtless articles in the media saying things like: "After the loss of freedom of speech in Hong Kong, many companies are considering moving to Singapore."

Even my Singaporean friends are laughing. "Moving to Singapore for free speech would be like moving to the Sahara for the sailing," said one.

* * *

A Westerner named Mark, teaching in Guangzhou, said yesterday via Twitter: "I don't normally like teaching kids much but Chinese 12-year-olds are amazing. Twenty felt tip pens lent out, 20 felt tip pens returned. With the caps on!"

Respect for authority and social cohesion are small things - but can make all the difference in the world, right, Dr Fauci?

* * *

Okay, okay, the real reason I hate the Internet is that I keep encountering cats who are more successful than I am. Aieeyah.

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