KMB to introduce 42 electric buses for the first time

Local | 10 Jun 2021 4:53 pm

KMB will spend over hundred million dollars and purchase 42 electric buses for the first time, which are expected to commence service in the second half of next year. 

These electric buses will mainly cover routes travelling between new development areas and city towns. 

The bus company said it didn’t have any plan to increase the bus fares. 

Lam Tsz-ho, head of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Department of KMB explained although the fares for electric buses would be one-third more expensive than buses that run on diesel and resources will be put into developing more charging facilities, the operation costs for repairing and fuels will reduce in the long term after switching to electric buses. 

He said that KMB purchased electric buses to help government achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. 

KMB has called for tender for the 42 electric buses across the world and manufacturers from Mainland, the US and Europe acted already. The number of buses is expected to increase to 72 from 42 by the end of next year. 

Lam pointed out that the short term goal of KMB is to increase the number of electric buses to 500 in five years, meaning one-eighth of all current buses will run on electricity. He said the bus company is also confident to convert all of its buses, some 4,000 diesel-powered buses, into electric buses by 2050 in the long term. 

After the transition, the cost would be reduced by two-third compared to diesel-powered buses. The manpower for repairing would also be reduced, according to Lam. KMB would no longer be affected by oil prices that fluctuate as well, he said.

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