Hundreds of secondary school students took part in a trade simulation game design competition during the pandemic

Local | 16 Nov 2020

More than a hundred secondary school students took part in a board game design competition during the pandemic. They all managed to solve each and every problem that came their way creatively, some were even inspired by the pandemic and integrated shortage of masks, natural disasters, financial crisis etc. into the design of the board games. Through the process, the winning team experienced first-hand the impact scarce resources could have on trade; some participants also realized money is not the only indicator of success in life.

"Play" It Forward HK@APEC Game Design Competition was organized by the Hong Kong Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation (HKCPEC) and co-organized by Junior Achievement Hong Kong (JAHK). More than a hundred Form 4 to Form 6 students from 22 secondary schools took part in the competition. They were tasked with producing interactive games to explain the needs of the global business environment and the challenges and difficulties faced by countries when they conduct their trade. Moreover, many volunteer tutors and teachers helped organize a series of seminars and workshops to develop the students’ creativity.

Form 5 students from Queen’s College won the first prize for their game KOMERCO. Players utilize different game cards and exchange gold coins and resources for raw materials to “manufacture” various products and gain points. The team was also inspired by the pandemic, thus they added real life situations like pandemic, natural disasters, financial crisis etc. to the design to make KOMERCO more exciting. This design also helped players realize the impact scarce resources can have on trade. 

Davy Wong of the team said KOMERCO was the product of 5-hour long meetings every Friday night since last October. Another member Cheung King Fung noted there were conflicts amongst the group because of different opinions, but while deliberating they were able to realize some faults in the design. Eventually, since everyone shared the same goal, they put their differences aside and designed the winning game in the end. 

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