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Education | 20 Oct 2020

Centrally located in Kowloon Tong, the American International School has been providing a rigorous academic program to local and international students since 1986. Each year, AIS graduates are accepted to prestigious universities in the United States and around the world. AIS boasts a family-oriented, close-knit school community where students, parents, and teachers share a sense of belonging and purpose.

Fuelled by research, technology, and school innovation, we are inspired by the future and are excited by the possibilities ahead. Our Future Framework ensures that school experience remains relevant to the needs of students and is focused on essential skills and mindsets needed for their future success. It places a premium on the development of student confidence through teaching and learning experiences that are social, personal and applied. Extra- and co-curricular activities, including music, art, drama, sports, and clubs, are available to students in all divisions. Families can also join in the fun at regular events throughout the year, including Winter Fair, Band Slam, talent shows, TEDxAISHongKong, drama performances, art shows, and much more.

At AIS, our Core Values are Justice, Knowledge, and Love, and these values are an intrinsic part of teaching and learning experiences. Through the development of these Core Values, every student that graduates from AIS is prepared to be a global citizen, an empowered thinker, an effective communicator, and a well-rounded individual. From Early Childhood to Grade 12, AIS delivers an affordable and comprehensive program that helps students develop academically, socially, and personally, into young adults ready to face a 21st century world with confidence and optimism.


American International School Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2336 3812

Email: admin@ais.edu.hk

Website: https://www.ais.edu.hk/

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