Man who flees to Taiwan allegedly admits sending suspicious letters to judges

Local | 24 Nov 2021 4:21 pm

A person who claimed to be in exile in Taiwan allegedly admitted to sending two letters containing expired beef to two judges in High Court and District Court on Tuesday, with a note saying, “HOR, FOON-HAY IS WATCHING YOU.” 

On Tuesday afternoon, two letters containing an unknown substance with a meat-like texture were sent to a deputy judge of the Court of First Instance, Johnny Chan Jong-herng in High Court and district judge Clement Lee Hing-nin in District Court.  

A man who claimed he had fled to Taiwan posted a photo on “Hor Foon-hay – Daily Update on Taiwan Exile 6.0”, a channel on messaging app Telegram, on Tuesday evening, showing the alleged letters that he sent to the two judges. A note saying “HOR, FOON-HAY IS WATCHING YOU” can be seen, along with the tiny plastic bag containing the meat.  

The man in the caption wrote, “Does 35 percent-off expired beef taste so much better?” and a hashtag “Hor Foon-hay.”  

The man then posted a phone screencap showing all the news reports on the suspicious letters on another channel, “Hor Foon-hay – Daily Update on Taiwan Exile 4.0”. The caption this time said, “Daily news,” with two hashtags, “admit responsibility” and “Hor Foon-hay.”  

The man also spoke of the past incidents, admitting he had sent letters to deputy district judge Kathie Cheung Kit-yee before, who received suspicious letters on November 11 and 16, and to Jacky Ko Chung-kit, one of the co-founders of Hong Kong Coalition.  

He added the powder in the letters sent to West Kowloon Magistrates’ Courts and Sha Tin Magistrates’ Courts on Tuesday last week (Nov 16) was caustic soda, a chemical used for drain cleansing, and the letters were sent from Taiwan.  

It was understood that the two letters were addressed to Cheung and Shatin magistrate Pang Leung-ting.  

The channels were set up in April this year, and the admin claimed he fled to Taiwan after the campus siege at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 


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