ESF schools see great success in 2021 IB exams

Local | 7 Jul 2021 4:00 pm

A total of 46 students of ESF schools received top marks in the International Baccalaureate exams this year - a near four-fold increase compared to just 12 ESF students last year.

Of the 46 top-scoring students, South Island School came out ahead with 11 top scores, with King George V School producing nine, along with eight from Sha Tin College, seven from West Island School, six from Renaissance College, and five from Island School.

One of the top-scoring students, Erin Law from King George V School, intends to study film at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.

Law previously won two awards at the Across Asia Youth Film Festival (AAYFF) for Best Horror Film and Best Sound Design.

She believes that film has the capability to connect with people all over the world. Although she recognizes that it may be difficult to maintain a stable income in filmmaking, she still hopes to take the first step towards pursuing her passions.

Of the total of 913 ESF students who sat the IB exams this may, 452 students received grades of 40 points or higher - an increase from 238 students of 948 in 2020. Additionally, the pass rate rose to 99.2 percent, slightly higher than the Hong Kong average of 98.5 percent.

Globally, 1,155 students received full marks, 130 of which were Hong Kong students, accounting for over 11 percent of the total. This is a sharp increase from 2020, which only saw 339 students - including 23 Hong Kong students - receive the full 45-point score.

Hong Kong students have previously exceeded global standards, with this year being no different. In terms of the overall score, Hong Kong students received an average of 38.93 points, far ahead of the worldwide average of 31.34 points. 

Hong Kong students also surpass the global average diploma grade of 5.19 with an average course grade of 6.12 points. The global average pass rate this year is 88.96 percent, below the Hong Kong average of 98.5 percent.

This year, 170,660 students participated in this year’s May assessments, split between 104,275 students and 65,576 in the non-exam and exam routes respectively. A further 809 students had split between both the non-exam and exam routes.

While many schools around the world had canceled regular exams and switched to non-exam routes as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, all of Hong Kong’s 2,193 IB students were required to sit the in-person exams.

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