HK tightens quarantine measures for Taiwan arrivals

Local | 14 May 2021 1:44 pm

In view of the virus situation evolving in Taiwan, the government has tightened its quarantine measures for Taiwan arrivals.

Hong Kong’s health secretary Sophia Chan Siu-chee today announced that all Taiwan arrivals will have to undergo a 14-day quarantine at designated quarantine hotels instead of having home quarantines.

The arrivals will be brought to the quarantine hotels by designated shuttles after tested negative for the coronavirus at the airport.

Three Covid tests will be administered to the arrivals during their quarantine, along with another two tests on the 16th and 19th day after finishing their quarantine.

The health chief also said authorities have received enquiries on and requests for vaccination of non-Hong Kong residents, which the government is now working on expanding the city’s vaccination program to cater to their needs.

She said the non-Hong Kong residents who have stayed in Hong Kong for a period of time are also considered part of our community.

“Having them vaccinated, not only will the vaccine protect them, it will also help prevent the virus from spreading within our community,” said Chan.

She added that the government would make and announce the decision at an appropriate time.

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