Pro-dem party back on board for Legco elections

Local | Michael Shum and Maisy Mok 15 Oct 2021

A pro-democracy party has become the first in the city to allow members to stand in the upcoming Legislative Council elections.

The Hong Kong Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood last night passed a resolution that allows members to stand in the December 19 elections.

Nominations will be from October 30 until November 12.

This came after the Democratic Party - the biggest pro-democracy party in the SAR - announced on Monday that none of its members applied for approval to run in the elections.

Wong Tai Sin district councillor Bruce Liu Sing-lei, who was originally expected to be unseated after taking the oath, also attended the meeting. He declared he will stand for the election after his oath is ruled as valid.

Earlier, the association's former cofounder and vice-chairman Frederick Fung Kin-kee, a pro-democracy old guard, has returned to the political arena as he seeks a Legco seat after Beijing's overhaul of the electoral system.

Former lawmaker Fung resurfaced in political circles in recent months, and also started a political radio channel in July. Fung had said in January 2018 that the "primary election" within the pro-democratic camp will be "the last election that he will run."

However, he parted ways with the association before joining the Legco byelection in November that same year. This move drew heavy fire from his former party members.

He also lost in the district council elections in 2019 to another pro-democracy candidate, Leslie Chan Ka-long, for a seat in the Yau Tsim Mong district council.

"I have learned a lesson from history to never say never. Because once you say never, there will be times when the situation forces you to do it, and leaves you with no chance to refuse," Fung said.

As the Democratic Party will be absent from the December elections, his association will have a greater chance of obtaining nominations from the Election Committee, according to Fung.

On the other hand, chairman Tik Chi-yuen of centrist party Third Side, the only member who is not pro-establishment in the Election Committee, said he intends to join the Legco elections too with two other party members.

But Tik admitted that the winning chances for the camps that are not pro-establishment weakened after the main pro-democracy political camp passed up on the election.

"I think that if anti-establishment camps can collaborate in this election, this will [be beneficial to] our situation," Tik said.

"To be honest such a collaboration would not be easy as everyone is on a different political spectrum."

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