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Travel | 30 Jan 2020

Visit Macao this spring to immerse yourself in the beauty of all its breathtaking art and culture events!

Fallen – Printmaking by Bonnie Leong and Kitty Leung

Taipa Village Cultural Association exclusively presents the first unique printmaking exhibition entitled ‘Fallen’, jointly presented by two Macau-born, Canada-based sisters Bonnie Leong and Kitty Leung who always present their work as a duo.

As the first show at Taipa Village Art Space in 2020, the artists exhibit a set of abstract work based on a metaphysical subject using the ancient technique of printmaking, with an aim to explore the past, present and future relationships in their experience. The different linear forms and textures of this work are not only the artists’ description of personal emotions, but also their observation and expression of the depths of the soul.

The creative rationale of the artists is that in life, although everyone walks their own different paths, they often always exist in various self-created spaces and times. We are easily entangled in psychological time, unconsciously staying in a particular imaginary space and not being free, falling on the break and dispersion that floats on reality. The authors use their work to explore the past, present and future relationships in their experience, expressing the fact that freedom at the moment can bring us a sense of sensitivity to meticulous emotions. This cognition allows us to understand the deep self and gives us the autonomy to choose to enter and leave different time spaces.

Fallen – Printmaking by Bonnie Leong and Kitty Leung

Date: 29 January – 31 March

Venue: Taipa Village Art Space, No. 10 Rua dos Clerigos, Taipa, Macau

Time: 12 pm – 8 pm

Free Admission

teamLab SuperNature Macao

Sands® Resorts Macao and art collective teamLab have announced that their groundbreaking permanent interactive experience will officially open at The Venetian® Macao in March 2020. teamLab SuperNature will offer a digital-only, constantly evolving “body immersive” space, a world of artworks that blur the boundaries between the human body and art. Visitors will be able to explore new relationships between humans and nature as well as gain a fresh perception of the world.

Housed in Cotai Expo, teamLab SuperNature boasts 5,000 square metres of labyrinthine floor space with eight metre-high ceilings throughout. It aims to make the boundaries between the body and the artwork ambiguous, and transform the relationships between oneself, others, and the world into something continuous. The experience will also include new, unprecedented, and immersive ‘Future Park’ and ‘Athletics Forest’ areas. Future Park is an educational project and amusement park based on the concept of collaborative creation, or co-creation. Meanwhile Athletics Forest is a creative athletic space that helps train spatial awareness. It develops the body as well as the brain, based on the concept of understanding the three-dimensionality of the world through the body.

teamLab SuperNature Macao

Date: Official opening March 2020

Location: Cotai Expo, The Venetian Macao

Time: 10 am–10 pm daily (Closes every second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Blackout dates apply)


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