Pregnant woman separated from family

Top News | Staff reporter 6 May 2021

A heavily pregnant Quarry Bay resident is set to observe quarantine in a hospital after her building was locked down when a Covid-19 variant was confirmed in a helper from there. And then she will be giving birth without any family close by in support.

The woman living in block N2 at Kornhill felt unwell yesterday morning and was sent by ambulance to Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital in Chai Wan just as all her fellow residents were undergoing tests before being taken to Penny's Bay quarantine camp for 21 days.

Her husband and their young daughter were allowed to be with her in the ambulance, but their helper had to stay behind to be tested.

A hospital spokeswoman said the woman was admitted to an isolation ward in a stable condition after testing negative for Covid-19, and she would be provided with the care her pregnancy required.

The woman was in her third trimester of pregnancy, a source noted, but she had not shown any signs of going into labor.

"But it's likely she will be staying at the hospital until after she gives birth."

It was understood the woman's husband will not be allowed to be with her in the delivery room because their home was in a building subject to mandatory testing and evacuation, though the Hospital Authority had in January resumed the arrangement to allow husbands to attend births.

Under normal circumstances, dads-to-be can be with their wives during delivery as long as they test negative 72 hours before the labor, meaning they may need to be tested repeatedly until their wives go into labor.

In this case the father and daughter will likely have to sit out the birth at the Penny's Bay camp while the wife will face what should be the joy of birth in the company of medical personnel alone.

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