HK at risk of domestic terrorism sprouting, John Lee says

Local | 22 Apr 2020 11:58 am

Secretary for Security John Lee Ka-chiu, said today there is a risk of domestic terrorism sprouting in Hong Kong.

Speaking before attending the Legislative Council meeting, Lee said since the first bomb case in July last year, there were at least ten such cases, and one of them involves military explosives and homemade bombs containing ten kilograms of explosives.

He said the general public should be concerned and urged them to support the police in combating violent acts.

Lee said he has requested the police and other law enforcement agencies to step up their efforts, use strict laws to deal with illegal activities when appropriate, including using anti-terrorism measures to freeze assets.

As for the arrests of pro-democracy figures over the weekend, Lee said the police acted on the basis of facts, and criticized some foreigners for unreasonably criticizing the force, saying that it is no different than police in other countries.

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