1.55m Chinese open stock trading accounts In June

Finance | 26 Jul 2020 1:53 pm

A total of 1.55 million investors opened accounts to trade stocks on Shanghai and Shenzhen bourses in June, up 46.72 percent year on year, industry data showed, state media reports.

Individual investors stood at 1.547 million last month, accounting for the majority of investors, while new institutional investors reached 2,100.

The number was up by 27.58 percent from May. This year, June was the month with the third highest number of accounts opened, second only to 1.89 million in March and 1.64 million in April. Based on data of the past five years, the peak period of opening accounts lies in March.

By the end of June, about 1.68 million investors opened accounts in the A-share market, with individuals reaching 16,735, accounting for 12 percent of the total population, data from the Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited showed.

Positive sentiment in China's stock market in June gave a strong boost to investors' confidence and enthusiasm.

Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges in June witnessed a trading volume of 1,188.7 billion shares, with a turnover of 14.46 trillion yuan.

In June, the average daily trading volume on the Shanghai Stock Exchange registered 287.48 billion yuan, up 15.03 percent from the previous month, and the average daily trading volume on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange was 438.67 billion yuan, up 16.98 percent from the previous month.


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