No timetable to facilitate declaration for district councilors so far: Caspar Tsui

Local | 14 Aug 2021 1:40 pm

The government has not come up with a timetable to facilitate the declaration procedures for district councilors so far, according to secretary for home affairs Caspar Tsui Ying-wai.

Speaking on a radio program, Tsui said the government will speed up the works and come up with a timetable as soon as possible. However, he added that tasks regarding such matter must be performed carefully and thoroughly.

The government is quite occupied in the future, as it may ask other government workers to pledge allegiance and a few elections are on the way, he said. 

Tsui added that earlier a great number of district councilors had resigned, without giving any reason. He said he failed to understand why was there a mass resignation wave. The government will not hold a district councilor by-election at the moment, he also said.

Still, citizens can seek help from relevant departments on district-level issues, he pointed out. Tsui said he has also been visiting different districts and communicating with citizens, and there are lawmakers who have been following relevant cases.

Tsui, who is also a member of the Candidate Eligibility Review Committee for the Chief Executive election, said the Oaths and Declarations Ordinance has already included a “negative list” for references.

The committee will refer to the list and study the remarks and behaviors of the candidates in the past, and study their political stance. He stressed no candidate could slip by and get into the election, and neither will the members grant admission to only who they recognize as one of their own.

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