Space Theatre of Space Museum to reopen on July 1 after HK$30m renovation

Local | 29 Jun 2021 7:26 pm

The Hong Kong Space Museum's Space Theatre will reopen on July 1 after renovation costing HK$30 million, boosting crisper images on its new screens.

The renovation was the largest ever since the theater launched in 1980. Replacement of screen panels of the hemispherical theater with a diameter of 23 meters – nicknamed “pineapple bun” by locals – was the major part of the project.

The renovation began in May 2020 and lasted 14 months, finishing before the handover anniversary according to schedule.

“Before the revamp, the screen panels (on the dome) overlapped with each other, so some parts of it may show images in deeper color. But now, using the latest NanoSeam technology, there will be no more overlapping of panels and the viewing experience will be enhanced,” Lawrence Lee Wai-Kwan, curator of the Space Museum, said in a media preview this afternoon.

The theater has been reequipped with new loudspeakers, and the old 4K projectors have been replaced by six 8K ones to provide high definition 3D film experience. New 3D glasses that would be lighter and brighter would also be available to viewers.

New seats were installed in the theater. A device with touch screen is available on the right hand side of the seat for visitors to select their preferred language when watching films.

Visitors can now also bring their own wired headphones into the theater, but the system does not support wireless headphones. They can also continue using the headphones provided by the museum.

Three films will be screened in the theater after its reopening, including “Secrets of the Universe”, a film about scientists’ exploration of the universe that would be shown in 3D.

The show will immerse audiences in a scientific journey guided by world-renowned scientists. The visit to the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory and the Large Hadron Collider, the biggest machine ever built in human history, will help audiences learn more about how scientists make use of powerful scientific instruments in their attempts to unlock the secrets of the universe.

The other two shows are “Worlds Beyond Earth” and “Ancient Caves”. The first one is a sky show that simulates a realistic and breathtaking solar system based on authentic data collected from space missions.

The second one is an Omnimax show. Audiences will join paleoclimatologist Dr Gina Moseley and her team of experienced cave explorers to search for ancient caves, both above and below water, in France, Iceland, the Bahamas, and other places.

Price of tickets will stay the same after reopening, costing a range of HK$24 to HK$32 for adults. Student will be able to enjoy a 50 percent discount.

Besides the films, visitors can see computer simulations of the solar system and the whole universe generated by a new system called “Dark Matter” in the theater.

“Our staff are now being trained to operate it. We hope we will be able to provide astronomy talks and demonstrations, as well as making our own astronomy programs in the future,” he added.

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