Hospital Authority suspends union chairman over national security charges

Local | 2 Mar 2021 5:38 pm

Hong Kong’s Hospital Authority has suspended chairwoman of the Hospital Authority Employees Alliance, Winnie Yu Wai-ming from her duties after being charged under the national security law.

Chief Manager of Quality and Standards, Dr Lau Ka-hin, said the HA has taken the action in accordance with the required procedures.

Yu was among the 47 charged over last year's primaries for the postponed 2020 Legislative Council Election, which the primary election - "35-plus" was supposed to select candidates for the election.

The "35-plus" scheme, proposed by Tai, was part of a wider strategy to win at least half of the 70 seats in the Legislative Council. If successful, the camp will be able to gather a powerful force that can block the government's budgets and bill proposals. 

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