Making the eco-friendly switch to green cleaning

Business | 27 May 2020 9:00 am

Two local entrepreneurs have come up with a green cleaning solution that addresses both public health and environmental protection at the same time.

The coronavirus outbreak is putting a strain on all of us in terms of personal healthcare and hygiene – we are washing hands and cleaning regularly-used objects much more frequently. As the usage of shop-bought, conventional cleaning products multiplies, there is mounting concern on the harmful effects they bring to the environment and our wellbeing, and the need to look for better alternatives.


Ionized water as cleansing agent

With this objective in mind, Dannie Cheung and Simon Ngan, the two founders and co-chairmen behind Relife Group Limited, have teamed up to develop and promote a green cleaning solution that eases users’ concern when utilizing sanitizers and disinfectants. The product being the Relife Super Alkaline Cleaning Water – a hydroxide ionized water that is naturally derived and makes a powerful cleaning solution.

The concept behind the product is simple and straightforward. The strong alkaline ionized water, made up of fine water molecules and with a pH value of up to 12.5, constitutes an environment where bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms cannot survive. In view of its high permeability, the solution  penetrates and breaks down oil due to emulsification.

Certified by world-leading inspection and certification organizations, the water can thoroughly clean, sanitize and decontaminate surfaces and objects, leaving them 99% germ-free while leaving no toxic residues. It also reduces all unnecessary chemicals and applies only basic non-polluting ingredients throughout its production process.

The use of ionized water first gained popularity in Japan in the 1960s, and the patent of the technology has now been granted to Relife in Hong Kong. The beauty of the ionized water, Ngan explains, is that you can use it for 90% of cleaning tasks in our everyday lives. In personal hygiene and healthcare, the alkaline water can be readily used to clean cell phones and accessories; sanitize hands; and sterilize household items like dining tables, drains and bathroom sinks.

The product has also wide applications in the commercial sector. The alkaline water has, for instance, proven effective in eliminating formaldehyde in car cleaning. For catering, it can dislodge bacteria and grime in the kitchen, whereas beauty salons can blend it with essential oils in a humidifier for a really zesty scent. It can also be used in  marine aquaculture, and in farming as the technology can be harnessed to restore soil. “We believe there are huge untapped potentials for the product in local as well as global markets,” adds Ngan.

For Cheung and Ngan, the product, however, means more than mere commercial success, as they take pride in the social impact it creates. “Relife aims at rebuilding a safe and sustainable society through championing a greener cleaning method that is both eco-friendly and effective,” says Cheung. “Whilst under threat from COVID-19, we are naturally pre-occupied with health concerns, but if we can adopt a better alternative that achieves environmental protection at the same time, then it’s a happy win-win situation.”


Launching Relife Technology Incubation Programme

Relife is confident of the wide applications and efficacy of their product in the current pandemic environment, and they are working on gearing the local brand towards the world market as a franchise business. The duo plans to achieve their goal through three core foci: Industry, School and Research.

One major initiative is the Relife Technology Incubation Programme recently established to accelerate aspiring individuals and youths in entrepreneurship – by supplying them with innovative production machines of the Relife Super Alkaline Cleaning Water, coupled with platform support on technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing. With on-site production, it saves cost and reduces the carbon footprint of manufacturing practices.

To incentivise technological innovation, the company has also set up the Relife Academy. Currently partnering with tertiary education institutions in Hong Kong and mainland China to devise training programs, it is dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurial talents in innovation.

“Through supporting scientific research and leveraging the brilliant minds of the younger generation, we’re confident in developing new and efficient products that, while based on the Relife Super Alkaline Cleaning Water, cater to the long-term sustainability of the local market,” Ngan says.


HSUHK+Relife COVID-19 Market Planning Competition

Jointly organized by the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK) and Relife Group Ltd, the HSUHK-Relife COVID-19 Market Planning Competition is aimed at cultivating innovation to extend the application of Relife products to new domains, all the while supporting the growth of students in areas such as product planning and marketing. The two parties will also hold a 5-month Relife Group Mentorship Program to provide students with internship opportunities.

Dr Tom Fong, Vice-President (Organisational Development) of HSUHK cum Convenor of the Collaborative Working Group, believes that by promoting eco-friendly products, students will gain a better understanding of the human-nature relationship and the significance of sustainable development in society.

Cheung points out that it is as important to equip students with a blend of business acumen as developing a socially conscious mindset. “When youths fully engage in environmental issues that affect them and their communities, we will start to see a real change,” he emphasizes. “What we’re doing now is helping them realise their power and potential to make a difference.”


Andy PC Chan appointed Executive Director and Chief Financial Director of Relife Capital Ltd

Relife Group has recently appointed Andy PC Chan as the Executive Director and Chief Financial Director of Relife Capital Ltd, the subsidiary company of the Group. Chan will be responsible for the planning of financial resources and management, providing strategic advice on investments and joint venture projects, as well as taking charge of the execution program.

Having a bounty of experience facilitating financial transactions in listed and unlisted companies, including Tang Palace (SEHK 1181) and Shirble Group (SEHK 312), Chan is experienced in matching investment fund and initial public offering (IPO) with projects across the Greater China region. Prior to his appointment, Chan was the Chief Financial Officer and the Company Secretary of Uni-President Enterprise China Holdings Limited (SEHK 220). He was also the Manager of the Listing Divison of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (SEHK 388), presently known as The Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


Applicable areas of Relife Super Alkaline Cleaning Water:

- Hotel

- Catering

- Central Food Factories

- Poultry and Livestock Production

- Marine Aquaculture

- Soil Restoration

- Schools and Educational Institutions

- Hospitals and Medical Equipment

- Factories and Precision Equipment

- Jewelry Industries

- Hairdressing

- Club and Pools


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