Studio offers new insight on cistern

Central Station | 5 Jan 2021

For those who want to get a full view of the 116-year-old cistern on Bishop Hill in Shek Kip Mei, an architectural studio has come up with a solution. It has created 3D animations and 360-degree panorama images of the cistern's internal structure.

Orient Occident Atelier posted sketches of the cistern on Facebook to give citizens a virtual tour of the cistern.

The simulation was done in great detail - the team even simulated the reflection of the sun from the water in the cistern. The studio said it hopes the simulation will make it easier for the government and the public to assess the structure, as well as raising public awareness on conserving and revitalizing.

"The cistern illustrates the past of the city, when the Kowloon peninsula was still farms and fields. It was buried under the ground for over a century and unearthed by chance in 2020, which makes the structure more legendary," it wrote on social media.

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