Potential convener Tung envisions a golden era

Top News | Jane Cheung 21 Sep 2021

Former chief executive Tung Chee-hwa, who is expected to be the Election Committee convener, said the polls were a key milestone in Hong Kong's good politics and administration.

Tung congratulated the smooth completion of the election, adding the EC after electoral changes carries "significant and outstanding meanings" to the political ecology and economic development in Hong Kong.

"The committee, after restructuring and adding powers, fully showcases the new advantages of a fair participation, which strikes a better balance to look after the interests of all classes and sectors in society," he said.

Tung said the committee should establish a "professional and rational political culture," elect a talented and patriotic ruler, consolidate social power to improve the economy and livelihood, as well as blend into the nation's development.

Tung said the upcoming Legislative Council and chief executive elections in December and March will "start a new page and a new golden era" for Hong Kong.

Tung, a vice chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, is most likely to become the sole or co-chief convener of the EC, a new position created along with Beijing's electoral changes for Hong Kong.

According to the Basic Law Annex I, the chief convener must hold an office of the state leadership, meaning only two people in the 1,448-member committee are qualified - Tung and former chief executive Leung Chun-ying, who is CPPCC vice chairman.

Leung said Hong Kong has bade farewell to "chaos in the past and stepped onto a clear and rational path."

He added: "Everybody in Hong Kong's political system should play by a sacrificial spirit, which must be showcased in the two upcoming elections under the new system."

Tung has an edge over Leung in terms of experience, but sources said he may not be able to bear all the responsibilities as the convener given his age and health condition. Tung and Leung, the sources added, could be made co-conveners.

The sole or co-chief convener will be tasked to designate conveners for each of the five sectors of the EC to form "a system of conveners."

But Annex I did not mention how the chief convener will be chosen. It is expected that Beijing will make the appointment.

If the appointment is made by the CPPCC, whose next standing committee meeting will be held late next month, the sole or co-chief conveners will not be announced for at least another month.


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