Doctors pull out all stopson cleanliness

Top News | Cindy Wan and Angel Kwan 24 Jan 2020

People should wash their hands often to avoid droplet infection from the Wuhan novel coronavirus and clean public toilet seats with alcohol swabs twice before use, said the head of a medical group.

Leung Chi-chiu, chairman of the advisory committee on communicable diseases at the Hong Kong Medical Association reminded citizens not to neglect to wash their hands yesterday.

"A droplet of virus could stick on your hands and infect you when you touch your eyes, nose, and mouth," Leung said.

People traveling to the mainland should also rub hands with alcohol swabs after performing fingerprint checks at the border, he said.

Although there is currently no substantial evidence to show that the virus is transmitted through urine and feces, people should clean a public toilet twice before use.

"Clean it first to remove the pollutants, and then sterilize it with alcohol swabs," Leung said.

"Or just find another toilet if you find it too dirty to use."

They should also close the lid when flushing to prevent the virus from splashing out into the air from the toilet, he said.

Yam Chun-yin suggested caretakers for the elderly wash hands and wear masks when making physical contact with elderly who have weak immune systems.

Separately, four unions of health-care workers, including the Hospital Authority Employees Alliance and the Preparatory Committee of the Hong Kong General Union of Physiotherapists, demanded authorities ban all tourists from the mainland and heighten epidemic prevention measures by Tuesday.

"If the government remains stupid and does nothing for the situation, we would need to do something to protect the people of Hong Kong and our colleagues," said general union member Yeung.

Yeung said the industrial action would focus on non-essential services, such as cashier and catering services, that have no direct link to emergency services.

For his part, top microbiologist Ho Pak-leung took to YouTube to show people how to wear masks properly.

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