Cops scour new protest shop in Tsuen Wan raid

Local | Michael Shum 7 May 2021

National security police yesterday cordoned off and searched Chickeeduck's Tsuen Wan branch - a chain known for selling products in support of protesters during the anti-fugitive bill movement.

The one-hour raid came on the same day pro-Beijing newspaper Wen Wei Po questioned whether the shop has breached the national security law implemented in June.

The clothing store, filled with pro-democracy messages and items for sale, was cordoned off by 40 police officers about 5 pm.

Officers ordered all customers to leave after having their ID cards checked and recorded. They also questioned shop owner Herbert Chow Siu-lung inside, a staff member said.

Staff said the police has a search warrant and opened boxes of goods for inspection while filming the interior decoration.

However, it is understood that the police eventually left without making any arrests or confiscating anything.

Buty before they leaving, staff members also had their ID cards checked, and home addresses recorded.

After officers finished the one-hour search, Chow said officers neither explained the reason for the search nor responded to his questions on whether he had breached the law.

Officers also refused to say whether their search was related to the statue of Lady Liberty of Hong Kong placed at the entrance, said Chow, but only told him they had the right to prosecute him in the future if he breached the national security law.

"I only have products that support freedom in my shop, therefore it is business as usual today. On the other hand, the national security police officers came to my shop with a terrible attitude, therefore I am considering filing a complaint," Chow said.

The chain's Tsuen Wan branch was opened on Tuesday, and sells products, including cake, tea leaves and books in support of the anti-fugitive bill movement that rocked the city in 2019.

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