Not sure who they think they are hurting

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 19 Feb 2021

More than 30 "yellow economy" restaurants in Hong Kong say they will refuse to open for business in the evenings rather than follow the Covid safety rules set by the government. How long can an eatery survive with no diners? Hmm. This may be a problem that will neatly solve itself.

* * *

So, only 5,000 Hong Kong people applied for special visas to stay in the UK during the first two weeks of that country's expensive BNO scheme.

And that was during the period of maximum publicity. All those Western journalists who confidently predicted "millions" would flee Hong Kong must be deleting their old stories as fast as they can.

We're living a line-by-line repeat of 1997, when millions of Hong Kong also didn't flee, despite media scaremongering.

* * *

Exasperated residents of this country lane in the UK found so many lost drivers that they eventually put up the pictured sign.

* * *

Some local newsstands in Hong Kong are putting the Epoch Times at the front of their displays as many people are now reading it every day, including "yellow camp" friends of this columnist.

The latest edition of the New York-based anti-China newspaper explains that "Hong Kong is a police state," quoting a Canadian politician who clearly has no idea what the phrase means.

Hint: if you can pass your days sipping frappuccinos and tweeting to the world that you live in a police state, you don't.

* * *

Abraham Shek Lai-him must be kicking himself. He's on the board of a firm that forfeited HK$25 million when it pulled out of a billion-dollar deal during the 2019 civil unrest to redevelop part of Kai Tai at HK$12,888 a square foot. This week, Li Ka-shing's firm bought a chunk of Kai Tak for HK$15,860, planning to sell it at HK$28,000 a square foot. Risk equals reward.

* * *

British academic Clifford Stott was cold-shouldered by Hong Kong judge Amanda Woodcock this week. Wise move. Stott visited this city for 10 days in 2019, and has presented himself as an independent world expert on Hong Kong affairs ever since.

This is despite the fact that everything he writes is so biased it could be pasted straight on to the Epoch Times front page.

Go buy a telescope, Clifford, and you can be an independent world expert on Mars next.

* * *

What's behind the Hong Kong government's plan to stop people importing gun parts? Naughty people have been getting around the weapon import ban using the "parts" exemption. "Please send me half a gun on Tuesday, thanks. PS, please send me the other half on Wednesday."

* * *

A war of words has broken out between YouTubers.

Winston Sterzel, a South African, clocked up lots of views with his generalized rants about how awful China is.

But Daniel Dumbrill, a brewer in Shenzhen, gives a positive view of life here, and is good at facts and figures.

Dumbrill called for a live, on-screen debate, but Sterzel was yesterday nervously making excuses to decline. "He will take little snippets out of context," Sterzel whined.

* * *

In the latest mysterious episode of incidents from the Hong Kong unrest being repeated in Myanmar, Yangon protesters yesterday appeared with signs in English calling for US troops to invade their country.

What a great idea. Just ask the Syrians.

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