Rightwinger learns lesson the hard way

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 9 Sep 2020

Far right Australian activist Avi Yemini had a shock.

He made a name for himself last year when he flew into Hong Kong and filmed videos unfairly portraying our city as a nightmarish place run by Nazi-like police.

But a video circulating among Hongkongers yesterday showed that Yemini had himself filmed at a protest in his hometown of Melbourne over the weekend.

His own local police were clearly fed up with him. They grabbed him, threw him to the ground, cuffed his hands and took him away.

Hong Kong financier Angelo Guiliano had to laugh. "Now he's getting a taste of police brutality," he said.

* * *

A lot of activists are this week busy trying to hurt China by organizing a boycott of the latest Walt Disney movie.

Owning China by boycotting Disney? THINK, guys.

Is Disney Chinese? Hint: No.

Wall Street owns Disney and China won't mind at all if you attack it.

* * *

Some readers noticed that a pastry chef in an MTR ad looks like China's Supreme Leader. Oh well, everyone else seems to have taken up cooking during lockdown.

* * *

Will Joe Biden by nicer to Hong Kong than Donald Trump? Maybe not.

The New York Times revealed this week that it was Biden who persuaded the US government in 1996 to boost the work of a small CIA "propaganda asset" called Radio Free Asia specializing in disinformation.

We can blame Biden for the fact that even today, Radio Free Asia still spreads endless negative stories about Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang.

* * *

Talking of US politics, Donald Trump's latest target is a Hong Kong family who are shirtmakers to the world.

The hardworking Yangs run Esquel Group, which makes 100 million cotton shirts a year, including those in the shops of Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss.

Trump sanctioned the group for employing Xinjiang people, despite the fact that the Yangs seem very much the good guys, providing jobs and boosting the Xinjiang economy.

* * *

A sarcastic salutation was sent to Sweden yesterday by Tim Anderson, a watcher of virus statistics: Congratulations to Sweden, which now has more Covid infections and deaths than China, a country with 140 times the population."

Talking of Sweden, remember how they offered free citizenship to 10 million Uyghur people in March last year? Nobody seems to have taken up the offer. Curious, no?

* * *

Analyst Alan MacLeod also noticed a curious statistic. Per capita, China has lost fewer people to Covid than New Zealand. But you'd never guess that from media reports. The Western media loves Jacinda Arden.

* * *

Here's one more curious statistic. There appeared to be only a few thousand people, if that, at Sunday's anti-China protest in Mongkok.

Meanwhile, at the same time, a statistic quietly emerged from government files that 10,778 Hong Kong students have recently applied to go to mainland universities.

While the first small group got a lot of publicity, the second large group - youngsters who aren't scared of China - won't get any.

* * *

Interesting religious argument in the coffee shop yesterday. Which Bible story are we living in, the Book of Revelation or the Ten Plagues of Egypt?

* * *

The next time a celebrity records a virus solidarity video saying "let's fight this together," send him or her your electricity bill.

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