Pro-protest posters cause court outrage

Money glitz | Maisy Mok 10 Dec 2020

While courts are supposed to be politically neutral, photos posted on social media show posters in support of protesters were put up in the Office of the Duty Lawyer Service at Shatin Magistrates' Courts.

Two photos were posted on a social media page called "Save HK" showing a giant clipboard with pro-protesters items and posters pinned on it, including one titled "Hong Kong Protest ABC."

Duty Lawyer Service provides legal representation by qualified lawyers in private practice to eligible defendants appearing in all magistrates' courts and juvenile courts.

After the incident came to light, all posters were removed yesterday. A Duty Lawyer Service spokesman said the individual staffer involved was severely reprimanded.

Lawmaker Holden Chow Ho-ding pressed the judiciary for disciplinary action in light of the breach of neutrality inside court buildings. He said putting up posters that support illegal protests with inflammatory slogans was a despicable action that damaged the reputation of the judiciary.

"Duty Lawyer Service is supported by the government's public funding, so the government and judiciary should investigate this incident and punish the persons involved," Chan said.

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