2,500 people waiting for organ transplant

Local | 14 Nov 2020 2:44 pm

Chief executive of the Hospital Authority said that there are 2,500 people queuing for organ transplant, while the number of organ donors registered has increased from 28 people last year to 34 people.

Tony Ko Pat-sing wrote on his blog, saying that the majority of people in line are end stage renal disease patients and this year sees an increase in both the number of organ donors and liver donation.

The executive added that hospitals have adapted new practices such as flexible visiting arrangements and using video conferences to contact patients’ oversea family members during the ongoing pandemic.

“The Hospital Authority has handled over 1,500 transplant cases in the past decade. Over 70 percent of organs donated were deceased donor organ donations and the rest are live organ donations,” the blog wrote. 

Since 2018, the Authority has introduced a paired donation scheme, which matches a pair of donor and patient to another pair to help those who are waiting for kidney transplant.

Ko said that they have successfully matched two pairs last year and nearly 20 pairs in a whole, stating that the scheme is “going towards the right direction”.


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