Tragic couple end struggle in death pact

Local | Wallis Wang 26 Apr 2021

An elderly man who hanged himself may have killed his ill wife because he was worried he could no longer take care of her, police fear.

Officers found bruises on the woman's neck and the tragedy was classified as a murder-suicide case.

The case was discovered when an 83-year-old man, Yung, was found hanging inside a flat in North Point with his wife, Tam, 85, lying on the bed in the same room on Saturday night.

The couple were found by their 54-year-old son in their apartment at Wiseman Building on Fort Street at about 7pm. Both of them were rushed to Ruttonjee Hospital in Wan Chai but were declared dead.

In a media briefing yesterday, the chief inspector of the Eastern police crime unit, Kong Sze-wan, said the couple had been married for more than 60 years and had a good relationship. They raised one daughter and two sons.

It is understood that Tam was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 10 years ago and had been taken care of by her husband. Kong said Yung had also been ill since the end of last year and had difficulty walking.

Yung also told his family that he was worried about whether he could take good care of his wife after he fell ill, Kong said.

All three children of the couple have moved out from their parents' apartment, but their 54-year-old son took a month off in April and moved back to take care of the couple.

On Saturday night, the son, who left the apartment only for a short period, came home and found his father had hanged himself with curtain strings while his mother was unconscious.

"During the investigation, police discovered a bruise mark on the wife's neck. No sign of fighting, struggling or bloodstains was found at the scene," Kong said.

She added that the police were still waiting for the forensic report to figure out what caused the bruises on Tam's neck and how she died.

Kong said the police also found suicide notes written by both, saying they intended to die and informing the family of arrangements to be made after their deaths.

Neighbors said that they had a good relationship and would walk hand in hand.

Lam, 81, who has lived in the building for nearly 30 years, said the couple used to go shopping together and he would greet them whenever he saw them.

"Tam used to walk by herself, but she hasn't been out for at least two months," Lam said.

Lam also said he saw Yung come out of the apartment alone a couple of weeks ago, looking exhausted.

"We would greet each other before, but he ignored me that time," Lam said.

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