Hooked on a sight from the sea

Central Station | 1 Apr 2021

There's nothing wrong with your eyes. Yes, its a fish - a very, very long one at over 1.8 meters and weighing 45 kilograms.

As the picture shows, the fish, a Chinese mackerel, is a match for a grown man measuring himself against it. The comparison helped the catch go viral.

The scene was inside Tai Po Hui market and was shared on the Facebook page of the Hong Kong Wet Markets' Fish and Seafood Research Agency group.

These sort of mackerel are found in the western Pacific, and they're rarely consumed as their flesh is reckoned to have too rough a texture.

But comments suggested some people wouldn't mind if they got their hooks into one. "One slice would be enough to feed me for a week" remarked one, though another pointed to a potential problem as a generous slice would not fit into his frying pan.

And if you're facing such a fish in the kitchen, one netizen says, ignore the texture as this mackerel is good for tangy fish balls.

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