Jackie Chan tells of near drowning

Central Station | 15 Sep 2020

Hong Kong film star Jackie Chan's life hung by a thread during filming of the movie Vanguard.

In an interview with CCTV's Movie News, the 66 year old said he almost drowned after he and leading actress Miya Muqi fell into a river from a water scooter.

Their scooter accidentally hit a rock due to turbulence and capsized.

Muqi quickly floated to the surface, but Chan remained under water for 45 seconds after being trapped by the scooter.

"I felt like there was a divine power helping me. I pushed on the scooter again and again, and I was suddenly brought to the surface by the stream," Chan said.

Chan was later found behind the rock. He said the director of the film, Stanley Tong Kwai-lai, couldn't help but cry.

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