Paul Chan: teary-eyed finance guy

Central Station | 2 Jun 2020

It's possible that recent events, such as the pandemic and the trade war, are taking a toll on Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po emotionally, as he appeared to tear up when speaking to the press yesterday.

However, in a Facebook post, Chan claimed that he hadn't cried and it was purely an affect of the cameras and lighting.

Before that, he was talking about the US sanctions brought by the national security law and its impacts on the linked exchange rate system after a Legco panel meeting.

But his eyes appeared to turn red when he said the line: "The Sino-US conflicts will not affect Hong Kong's position of the international financial center and also brings new opportunities."

In his Facebook post, the SAR's finance chief opted to use playful hashtags such as "#Anyeyedroprecommendations" and "#Thanksforcaring" to remind those struggling to sleep - or having to read lots of documents- to protect their eyes.

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