5,000-room smart isolation facility to open in Guangzhou

Top News | Leung Pak-hei 16 Sep 2021

Drones and robots will help deliver meals and sanitize a 5,074-room centralized quarantine facility for international arrivals in Guangzhou, which would commence service later this month.

The 250,000-square-meter isolation camp comes in five room types between 18 and 39sqm to cater to different types of travelers.

It will serve as the city's first centralized isolation camp for arrivals so authorities could stop renting hotels for such purposes.

The facility is 30- to 40-minute drive away from central Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Eighth People's Hospital, and Baiyun International Airport.

Guangdong officials earlier said 90 percent of international arrivals to China came through the province, including Hongkongers crossing land borders.

When the centralized facility opens in the coming weeks - though authorities have not announced exact dates and prices - they will be quarantined there.

Travelers need not go through lengthy check-in procedures as they will be allocated to rooms on their way to the facility on designated transit buses from border points, and they will need to scan the QR code distributed to them at the airport to make payments and, later, check-out.

The site will be divided into five zones, with two accommodation zones, a living zone for 2,000 staff, as well as a service building and a health center.

Each zone is over 20m away from each other, so a zone could be easily locked down to prevent the spread of Covid-19 if a person there tests positive.

In a sneak peak revealed by Guangzhou Daily, each room is equipped with an individual air-conditioning system and pipes, while each zone will have segregated passages, sewage and filter systems to prevent cross-infections.

The rooms' smart devices will conduct temperature checks and medical inquiries. There will even be a video terminal which would provide the travelers with entertainment.

A smart panel with intercom and message reminder functions will be installed on the wall in the rooms.

Masks and sanitizers will be available in a package and there will also be a yoga mat should arrivals fancy some exercise.

Huang Yihui, director of the Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital, which will operate the facility, said some 300 medical professionals and 150 support staff would be deployed in the facility.

The mainland yesterday reported 73 new infections, including 50 local cases, all from Fujian province.


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