Flood disaster spreads to other Henan cities

Top News | Wallis Wang and Maisy Mok 23 Jul 2021

The hardest-hit areas in the flooding disaster in Henan have shifted from the province's capital Zhengzhou to nearby cities.

Three cities in Henan - Hebi, Xinxiang and Anyang - north of Zhengzhou are now being devastated by floods.

Authorities said yesterday that at least 33 people were killed and eight missing in the rainstorm, while more than three million people were affected.

"Everyone is standing on the rooftop as water has entered the house, the water level is around two meters high," said a woman surnamed Gao whose family was trapped in a village in Hebi.

Xinxiang, another hard-hit area, recorded a maximum rainfall of 907 millimeters in the recent week. More than 470,000 people had been affected as of 10pm on Wednesday.

A man surnamed Wang said the water level has reached around two meters high. "But we still have a bit of food things should be fine today but it's hard to say about tomorrow," he added.

Dozens of trains were trapped on the way because of the heavy downpour, including some being trapped twice as they retreated.

Train T122 from Changchun to Guangzhou which carried more than 500 passengers was forced to stop in Xinxiang on Tuesday afternoon. After being trapped there for more than 20 hours, the train was told to return to Tianjin. However, it was forced to stop near a station in Hebi city again because the railway ahead was broken.

"We have been trapped on the train for such a long time, it's been two days. We don't know where the train could go," a passenger said.

Another train, K599 from Inner Mongolia city of Baotou to Guangzhou, was trapped in Henan province after carriages began to tilt. Nearly 1,000 passengers have been trapped for almost 50 hours.

On Tuesday, drivers halted the train in Zhengzhou when they noticed the railway was submerged. They then drove back after stopping there for six hours but was trapped again in Xinxiang.

A passenger surnamed Guo said yesterday that there is electricity on the train, but they did not have enough food and water.

"Since Tuesday evening, we only received a ham sausage, a small piece of bread, and a bottle of water," he said.

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