Delia School of Canada appoints new Head of School

Property | 10 Nov 2020

Leading quality Canadian curriculum with global pathways to the world’s top universities

Delia School of Canada (DSC) has appointed Dr Jason Walter as new Head of School following the retirement of the former Principal, with a commitment to excellence in teaching and learning, developing multicultural mosaic with an international connected student body, and a focus on whole-person development. Dr Walter will lead the school development through innovation, improving teaching and learning, and school facilities enhancements for all-through quality education with the aim of ensuring students have access to global pathways to the world’s top universities.

Since joining DSC in 1998, Dr. Walter has held various positions, including the role of Director of Information Technology. He has been instrumental in implementing the programme “collaboration through technology” and enhancing connections between the school and the parents.

DSC delivers world-class Canadian curriculum. Many DSC graduates gain entry to the world’s top 50 universities, with outstanding results in Mathematics, Science and Business. The School provides a genuine multicultural school environment, with cross curricular and experiential learning for its students of more than 45 nationalities. DSC offers a comprehensive mother tongue curriculum, including Putonghua, Japanese and French languages as well as English as a Second Language Programme to cater for the needs of different students. 

(subhead)Kowloon East Campus to merge with Taikoo Shing Campus
Enhancing facilities, teaching and learning

This year, DSC began the process of merging its Kowloon East campus with its main campus in Taikoo Shing. Students enrolled at the Kowloon East campus will relocate to the Taikoo Shing campus in 2020 and 2021. Over the next two years, DSC will focus on enhancing facilities and education resources in the Taikoo Shing campus. This will include enhanced STEAM technology equipment, improvements to sports facilities and other targeted campus improvements. The merger is expected to be completed by the end of August 2021.

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