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Education | 18 Jun 2021

InNordics is a platform to acknowledge cultural intelligence across Nordic and Asian cultures by introducing Nordic education programs and tools into the Asian learning community. InNordics proposes Nordic education-related services to reach a wider audience - local students, entrepreneurs, businesses and institutions.

Why the Nordics & Asia?

Finnish education has been held in high regard for its innovative and futuristic education principles, globally recognised for the quality of teachers and resourceful curriculums, with heavy research supporting the long-term effect on children’s learning towards adulthood. Realising education in Hong Kong lacks positive learning experiences as seen in Finnish education, the founder of InNordics Alan Ng determines to bring the Nordic learning experience into Asia to make an impact on cross-cultural collaboration and intelligence.

STEAM-UP KiDE: Learn science through play & story

InNordics, working in partnership with Kide Science in Finland since 2020, offers a research-based STEAM program developed by the founder of Kide Science, Dr. Jenni Vartiainen. Kide Science, through unique empirically proven pedagogy, develops and enhances children’s science thinking process skills, problem solving capability, interpersonal communication skills, and builds their knowledge in science relevant to everyday life. This award winning program leads InNordics to stand out from other Hong Kong learning centres, focusing on “How to learn” instead of “What to learn”. The program includes interactive and refreshing themes where children are encouraged to be an active scientist conducting hands-on experiments.

Nordic Classroom: Understand the world with a new Nordic lens

Meanwhile, Nordic Classroom, through an experience-based and phenomenon-based learning approaches, is the Hong Kong first Nordic cultural program originated by InNordics and Finnish educators. The program takes the Sustainable Development Goals advocated by the United Nations as the blueprint to enable students to explore the Nordic ways in dealing with global issues such as innovation, technology, education and environment. For example, students learn how the Nordic green technology, culture and values protect the global biodiversity. Multitudes of educational tools and games designed and manufactured by Nordic countries will be introduced in the lesson for expanding the concept of Nordic education.

Visit our new learning centres in Whampoa and Tseung Kwan O

To spread the idea of new innovative ways of Nordic learning, InNordics is set to open their newest learning centres in Tseung Kwan O and Whampoa in 2021. The two learning centres offer several summer programs including STEAM-UP Kide and Nordic Classroom with average 2-3 lessons weekly.



Whampoa centre: Camp 6, 6/F, Office Building, Wan Hoi Street, Habourfront landmark, Whampoa

Tel: 6083 3531

Tseung Kwan O centre: Shop 112, 1/F, Savannah Place, Chi Shin Street,Tseung Kwan O

Tel: 9767 9793

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