Top five games for the upcoming PlayStation 5

Technology | Gieson Cacho 22 Jun 2020

Sony recently unveiled its PlayStation 5, along with a slew of upcoming gamesranging from AAA blockbusters to promising indie titles.

The reveal ran the gamut and showed that there's a little something for everyone on the PlayStation 5, which is slated to come out this holiday season. With that said, only a few stood out from the sizzle reels and trailers. Here is what stuck out the most:

Village: Resident Evil

Despite the unusual name, this should be considered Resident Evil VIII. It follows Ethan, the protagonist of the previous entry. As the name implies, he's investigating a village near a snow-capped locale a few years after the events of Resident Evil VII.

What moved this game to the top of the list are the visuals. They jump out at you in terms of the realistic faces and the atmosphere. The title looks like it will show off the next generation graphics of the PlayStation 5, which will likely including ray tracing to boost realism in the game, increase immersion and make the experience more terrifying.

Horizon: Forbidden West

Again, this is Horizon Zero Dawn 2 with a somewhat different name, and it again follows Aloy. The post-apocalyptic hero is back and this time, she makes her way to North America. From the screenshots, it looks like she'll be in the Bay Area for part of the adventure.

She will also face off against Sylens, who now has control of Hades, the original's main villain. The trailer showed off new robot designs and fresh areas for Aloy to explore, most notably the underwater elements. Just the fact that players get to continue Aloy's journey is enough to make this one of my more anticipated games of the future.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

This title is notable because it stars one of the few Latino heroes in gaming. Morales was introduced in 2018's Spider-Man as a teenager just learning his powers, but in this sequel, it appears he'll be setting out on his own. This webslinger, created in 2011, has a different set of powers than Peter Parker and it looks like that will manifest in the upcoming game.

I'm just hoping that this Spider-Man keeps the traversal that made the previous one so good while improving the mission design. Because Miles has a camouflage power, I expect more stealthy approach to battling bad guys. Also, his "venom strike" - a directed energy power - shows up in the trailer.

Demon's Souls

I never finished the first title to the Souls series. I lent the game to a friend and his console ended up stolen, taking my only copy of the game with it. Hopefully, I'll have a second stab at trying to finish Demon's Souls thanks to Bluepoint Games, which is handling this remake.

From the looks of it, the game will look exceptional on the PlayStation 5 and will fill a niche in that library. Bluepoint Games has a good history of doing remakes, updating the superb Shadow of the Colossus and releasing Gravity Rush Remastered.

I just hope that some of the mechanics are updated and the game is somewhat easier to play. I'll also warn players to keep an eye on a certain nonplayer character in the Nexus, aka the home base. It will save you a lot of grief later on.

Little Devil Inside

Deathloop looked intriguing with its 1960s No One Lives Forever vibe and Gran Turismo 7 will turn heads with its realism, but this indie title captured my attention because of its distinct look and humor.

It's described as an action RPG with survival elements, but the trailer appears to show influences of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Raiders of the Lost Ark. The combination of style and compelling substance has this game high on my list.

It was developer Neostream's Kickstarter project scheduled to be released in 2016. Now it's a timed exclusive for the PS5 that will also come to the PS4.

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