UK Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer questions claims of 'no non-tariff barriers to trade'

World | 30 Dec 2020 6:58 pm

UK Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has questioned Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the debate in Parliament today over claim the Brexit trade and cooperation deal will allow 'no non-tariff barriers to trade.'

Sir Keir claims those other opposition parties who are voting against the deal today will do so "in the hope others will vote the other way" and, therefore, save themselves from the "consequences" of their vote, Sky News reports.

The Labour leader grilled Johnson on his claim that there will be "no non-tariff barriers to trade" under the terms of the deal, which Sir Keir says is "plain wrong.''

"The prime minister knows it's not true, every member of this House knows it's not true," Sir Keir adds as he challenges Johnson to respond.

Johnson duly does so, telling MPs: "This is a zero tariff, zero quote deal.''

He then urges Sir Keir to describe what sort of deal he would have negotiated, which the Labour leader then dismisses as "typical deflection.''

Sir Keir says there is a "gaping hole" in the deal for trade in services.

Ending his speech, the Labour leader adds: "After four-and-a-half years of debate and division, we finally have a trade deal with the EU.

"It's imperfect, it's thin and it's the consequence of the prime minister's political choices.

"But we have only one day before the end of the transition period and it's the only deal that we have.

"It's a basis to build on in the years to come and, ultimately, voting to implement this treaty is the only way to ensure we avoid no deal."


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