Heavy police presence in Yuen Long on second anniversary of July 21 mob attack

Hong Kong | 21 Jul 2021 6:57 pm

A large number of police officers wearing stab-proof vests were deployed inside and in the vicinity of Yuen Long MTR station on Wednesday, marking the second anniversary of an attack in the train station by an armed crowd wearing white shirts.

Several young men were stopped and searched by police officers inside the station and were released shortly after being questioned. Police canine units were also seen standing by near the MTR station.

Two members of the Hong Kong Hotel Employees Union were distributing pandemic-related pamphlets outside Yuen Long Station at 2pm today. The pamphlets were said to have the numbers”721” written on them.

They were later cautioned by the police and were told to leave. Officers also warned that they will alert the National Security Department if they do not stop distributing the pamphlets.

The two left the station shortly afterward.

Two years ago, more than 100 white-clad assailants with triad connections indiscriminately attacked commuters and passersby at the Yuen Long MTR station, with up to 45 people injured in the attack.

Police have been criticized for not responding quickly enough to calls for help, and for not immediately arresting any alleged culprits at the scene.

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