Six low-carb rice cookers fail to reduce carbohydrate: Consumer Council

Local | 15 Jun 2021 4:08 pm

The Consumer Council found that six models of low-carb rice cookers failed to reduce the level of carbohydrate compared to traditional rice cookers.

The council tested 11 rice cookers which claimed to reduce the level of carbohydrate. It found that the average carbohydrate content per 100g of rice for low-carb rice cooked by the low-carb rice cookers was only approximately 4 percent lower than the normal rice cooked by the traditional rice cookers.

The cooked low carb rice recorded 31.3g of carbohydrate per 100g of rice on average, while rice cooked from traditional rice cookers measured about 32.7g of carbohydrate.

Low-carb rice from rice cookers of ecHome, Daewoo, Vdada, Primada, Toshiba and Goldenwell was found to contain more carbohydrate than traditional rice cookers --- by a range of 0.6 percent to 16.5 percent.

But the council found two brands to be effective in reducing carbohydrate in rice: Thanko and Thomson, which were able to reduce carbohydrate content by 37.6 percent and 26.6 percent respectively.

For nine models of rice cookers which come with both the low-carb rice mode and normal rice mode, the difference in carbohydrate content reported only a 12 percent reduction on average.

The council cited advice from Hong Kong Dietitians Association and recommended the simplest and most direct way to stay healthy while eating rice is to control the serving size of rice.

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