Study shows around 40pc citizens willing to get the jab now if authorized vaccines are available

Local | 18 Feb 2021 12:41 pm

A study shows that around 40 percent of Hong Kong citizens are willing to be vaccinated now if an authorized vaccine is available to them, with the intention to vaccinate higher among respondents with chronic illness than those without.

The University of Hong Kong joined hands with Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Hong Kong Baptist University and Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation to conduct an online survey on citizens’ perceptions on COVID-19 vaccination.

The survey was conducted between 22 and 28 January, receiving a total of 2,733 valid responses, with 921 of them indicating having one or more chronic illnesses.

The study shows that 51 percent of respondents with chronic illness are willing to be vaccinated with government-authorized vaccines, while only 33 percent of those without are willing to get the jabs now.

The study also shows that around 40 percent of the respondents preferred to be the last 10 percent of people being vaccinated, suggesting a substantial reservation against early vaccination.

The team’s analysis pointed out that the respondents with chronic illness were more likely to treat COVID-19 vaccination as a collective responsibility and a necessary solution to control the pandemic.

As for factors of consideration for getting the jabs, the respondents cared most about the efficacy of the vaccine, followed by concerns about the likelihood of severe side-effects.

The team also added that vaccines with an efficacy of 50% to 70% or less will discourage vaccination.

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