Straws to drink alcohol with masks on

Local | 30 Oct 2020 6:45 pm

The Centre for Health Protection has released a video, calling for drinkers to consume alcohol through a straw while keeping their masks on.

The center has released guidelines for drinkers on how to consume alcohol, after microbiologist and government adviser Yuen Kwok-yung suggested the way of drinking alcohol using a straw.

The guidelines stated that drinkers must always keep themselves sober and ensure the mask fit snugly over the face covering their nose, mouth and chin while mask-on drinking with a straw.

The center also suggested drinkers change to a new mask when leaving bars and pubs, as the used mask may have been soaked after drinking.

With Halloween just around the corner, authorities strongly recommend that eateries including bars and pubs and their customers exercise self-discipline and comply with various social distancing measures. 

It also reminded bars and pubs owners that the performance of the trade will be one of the factors for reference, in the formulation of future anti-epidemic measures in face of the epidemics.

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