Founder proud to see Dragonair be part of HK’s history

Local | 29 Oct 2020 5:38 pm

Although it is sad to see Dragonair’s 35-year run came to an end, fond memories have been left within Hongkongers’ hearts, said the now 101-year-old Chao Kuang-piu, the main founder of Dragonair, the first Chinese air company in Hong Kong.

Chao recalls the very beginning of starting Dragonair in 1985, where he dreamt of having a Chinese air company flying the skies of Hong Kong after negotiations started between the UK and China over the handover of Hong Kong.

Withstanding the hardships founding the airline, Chao has always shown his commitment and his love for the city, with the intention to bring good to Hong Kong.

The airline opened up the mainland China market, continued to enhance Hong Kong's position as an international maritime center over the years.

“Cantonese speaking flight attendants, hot meals on our flights are hugely loved by our passengers. All these contributed Dragonair to become one of the most successful brands in Hong Kong” Chao added.

Chao said he is proud to see his airline having contributed to Hong Kong’s development, leaving behind precious memories.

He hopes Dragonair could set a great example for Hongkongers, inspiring our society to rise up to the challenges and continue moving forward.

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