Protester "Grandma Wong” was under house confinement in Mainland, she says

Local | 17 Oct 2020 1:33 pm

Hong Kong protester Alexandra Wong Fung-yiu told local media that she was put under house arrest over the border in Shenzhen since August last year.

Wong, 63, known for waving a British flag during protests, was last seen in Hong Kong on August 11 last year when she was surrounded by riot police outside Tai Koo MTR station. She was then arrested by mainland public security when she was crossing the border at Huanggang Port of Entry in mid-August. 

She was told that she had suspicion of committing picking quarrels and provoking trouble. However, there was no official reason of detention and no charges pressed.

The well-known protester was held under administrative detention at Shenzhen No.2 Detention Centre for 15 days before being transferred to Shenzhen No.3 Detention Centre for a 30-day criminal detention. 

“Grandma Wong” accused the mainland public security for mentally abusing her, stating that she was forced to stand in front of the national flag for hours and participate in a 5-day patriotic tour in Shaanxi. She was also asked to sign a repentance letter and promised that she will never partake in protests or do interviews.

The Hong Kong protester said that she will not travel to mainland China soon. She urged the city to focus on the 12 Hongkongers that are currently detained in the Detention Centre in Yantian District, Shenzhen.

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