No love from Ho for hit gay series

Local | Sophie Hui 19 Jul 2021

Pro-establishment lawmaker Junius Ho Kwan-yiu has strongly criticized Hong Kong's first TV drama spearheading a gay relationship as being "marijuana in sugar coating."

ViuTV drama Ossan's Love, which is the first local drama to show two gay characters kissing on screen, attracted much acclaim when it finished airing on Friday.

The drama is a remake of the popular Japanese drama of the same title. The Hong Kong version starred two members of local boy band Mirror - Anson Lo Hon-ting and Edan Lui Cheuk-on - and actor Kenny Wong Tak-bun.

LGBT groups applauded the effort for mainstream media to represent gay characters fairly.

But Junius Ho, who has stirred up controversy with anti-LBGT comments, said gay relationships that come without kids "breach China's national security law."

Speaking at a book fair seminar yesterday, Ho said the drama was like marijuana in sugar coating and it promoted the concept of a childless family.

"Traditional Chinese family values involve 'one man and one woman.' We now have to promote the three-child policy, but you are now promoting a childless family. This is totally in opposite directions," he said.

"It's against China's national security law as it requires society to promote Chinese traditional culture and to prevent bad ideology."

Ho said in the Legislative Council last month that holding the first Gay Games in Hong Kong, scheduled for November 2022, is disgraceful and described any economic benefits from it as "dirty money."

Ho said he respected people with different sexual orientations but it should be a personal affair, and should not come out in public as it wouldn't be decent, adding the next thing after the Gay Games could be trying to legalize gay marriage.

Francis Tang, founder of social service organization Gay Harmony, said Ho was being disrespectful by making such remarks over and over again.

"He has always been viewing the issue of sexual minorities from his personal stance. I can't help it if he doesn't accept the reality that the World Health Organization removed homosexuality from the mental disorders list many years ago," Tang said.

"I won't argue with an abnormal man," he said.

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