Grave among 295 sites targeted for public housing

Local | Michael Shum 25 Jun 2021

The government will resume 294 private lots and a grave involving a total area of about 4.94 hectares, which will be used to provide 1,550 public flats.

The Lands Department said in a statement released yesterday that it has affixed notices outside the lot informing owners that the private lots will revert to or vest in the government on September 25.

The solo grave sites on a site that measures about 22.6 square meters.

"The government will be in close liaison with the relevant land owners and affected households and businesses. They will properly handle their compensation and rehousing matters," a spokesman for the department said.

The land will be acquired by the government for the construction of a public housing development in Tung Chung's Area 46, as well as other facilities and infrastructure works for the Tung Chung New Town Extension development, the spokesman added.

The public housing development in Area 46 of Tung Chung is expected to provide about 1,550 flats upon completion, with the first batch of residents expected to arrive in 2028.

According to district council documents, the Civil Engineering and Development Department will carry out site formation and infrastructure works at Tung Chung Town Centre Area after the land resumption, and the housing sites are expected to be handed over to the Housing Authority between 2023 and 2024 for public housing development.

The public housing development site in Tung Chung Area 46 has a gross site area of about 1.1 hectares, with an estimated capacity of about 4,800 residents, according to the documents.

The development will have two blocks of 40 stories, offering a variety of recreational facilities, including landscaped seating areas and a children's playground.

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