Higher fracture risk in care homes

Local | Jasmine Ling 20 Oct 2020

Elderly people living in care homes face risks of falls and hip fractures two to three times greater than counterparts in the community.

That finding is from researchers from the department of sports science and physical education at the Chinese University and Canadian scientists.

They found that at two nursing homes in Canada, there was a hip fracture rate of 56.8 per 1,000 every year after analyzing 2,377 falls by residents. And 30 falls caused pelvis fractures.

In Hong Kong, over 6,300 seniors experience a hip fracture each year, and 95 percent came with falls.

Most victims will undergo surgery, but it can take months to recover. More than 30 percent cannot walk independently after, and some 25 percent of those who suffer hip fractures die within 12 months.

Yang Yijian, who led the research, said 70 percent of those in the Canadian homes wore hip protectors, preventing more than half of the hip fractures compared to those who did not wear protectors.

But less than 20 percent of residents of care homes in Hong Kong and other places wear protectors.

The risk of hip fracture can also be reduced significantly when seniors fall while holding a mobility aid like a walker.

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