Now TV keeps low cop profile

Central Station | 13 May 2021

As many media outlets raced against each other to report about the police director of national security, Frederic Choi Chin-pang, being investigated for having visited an unlicensed massage parlor, there's one station which did the opposite.

Now TV news chief Bill Chan, pictured inset, was said to have ordered staff to remove all news items about Choi being put on leave published yesterday morning, and to wait until there was an official police response.

Choi's news had been the top item on Now TV's 6am newscast. But upon Chan's order, the item was removed from its news website and app at about 9am. Only later in the afternoon did the station carry reports about police commissioner Chris Tang Ping-keung responding to the incident. While Chan was the person making the call to pull the reports, rumor has it that he was asked to do so by someone higher up in the hierarchy.

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