Lands staff quietly move past deadline

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 30 Oct 2020

The Hong Kong government continues to drop hints about what's going happen at midnight on June 30, 2047.

The answer: absolutely nothing.

The property model on which Hong Kong is founded won't change.

The government has been quietly renewing land leases to stretch beyond the deadline.

This week, the Lands Department granted a 50-year lease on a piece of land in Tai Po, taking the development through to AD 2070.

* * *

You gotta admire the ice-cool confidence of Sun Hung Kai Properties staff in demanding a check for HK$2 million from anyone who wants to book a viewing of an apartment at Central Peak, their new estate in Stubbs Road.

I'm assuming you get the cash back if you decide not to buy. But I wouldn't put anything past them.

* * *

I notice the "U WISH" number plate is on a red sports car (a Ferrari often seen in Central) these days. I'm sure it used to be on a yellow one. I guess sports cars come and go, but this stunningly smug number plate is worth hanging on to.

* * *

I got a parking ticket last week. Instead of paying the fine, I hereby declare that I am seeking asylum at the US Consulate General in Hong Kong.

Seriously, we should all go to the US offices in Garden Road and seek asylum for every offense, just to show how ridiculous are the antics of the pro-independence campaigners.

One can't just mess up in Hong Kong and then ask Western politicians to take you in and make you famous.

Wait. It worked for Nathan Law.

But then he is the best buddy of Mike Pompeo, former head of the CIA, which says it all.

* * *

People say that China's economy may soon be bigger than that of the US. But the likelihood is that it will be TWICE the size of America's in just 25 years, god of finance Ray Dallio said this week.

"The world order is changing, yet many are missing this because of a persistent anti-China bias," the world's top hedge fund manager told the Financial Times. Why are people failing to take this into account? "Prejudice and bias," Dalio said.

* * *

Republican-led America, whose symbol is an elephant, suffered huge stock market falls on Wednesday. In Hong Kong, Ant Group led an upward surge in the stock market on Wednesday. There's an entire fable there somewhere, right?

* * *

Meanwhile, our friends in the Hong Kong finance scene are NOT unhappy about America's hostility to China. The bad vibes from that side of the world are causing international firms to queue up to list on the Hong Kong stock market. The initial listing fee for each firm can be as much as HK$650,000 and annual fees more than HK$1 million a year.

Nathan Law, keep stirring.

* * *

America now has "child concentration camps," Zack Bornstein, US TV comedian from Saturday Night Live tweeted yesterday. Now we wait for international sanctions against that country. I realize it may be a long wait.

* * *

From Danny Bender via Twitter: "When a kid says 'Daddy, I want mommy', that's the kid version of 'I'd like to speak to your supervisor.'"

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