Playgroup supports children's learning at home

Education | 13 Feb 2020

In the last 6 months, the Hong Kong education system has faced adverse conditions forcing school closures on two separate occasions affecting the routine and learning of students of all ages. This has led to many schools and learning centres turning to technology and interactive media to continue with their teaching online as a solution to overcome this challenging time. Distance learning as well as homework under parental guidance has now become a city-wide norm.

One of the popular playgroups in Tin Hau, Fairchild Junior Academy, has taken on a new direction to engage with its young audience - in the safety of their own home - with daily live-streaming such as storytelling, music & movement in conjunction with cooking and arts & crafts, the talented educators at Fairchild Junior Academy are striving to best support their families’ needs during this difficult time. Since their debut, the team has a growing group of YouTube followers with over 3000 views within the first week.

Here is a teaching material created by Fairchild’s Education and Parents Consultant Winsy Poon which was shared with parents online.  It is children friendly with many interesting pictures so it is easy for children to understand how to minimize the risk of contracting the virus. Winsy encourages parents and caregivers to print the pictures out to read with their children at home.


How to Protect Yourself against Coronavirus…

1.  Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds!
Let’s Wash Our Hands song:

2.  Keep your hands away from your eyes, nose, and mouth.

3.  Stay away from people who are sick (e.g., coughing or sneezing)

4.  Wear a disposable face mask when you go out. (E.g., public area: transport, school, hospital etc.)

5.  Drink a lot of water! (This is to ensure your throat or throat mucous is always in a moist condition)

6.  Avoid eating too much deep fried food and take plenty of Vitamin C.



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