The world’s first NFT series for the creations of Michelin Star Chefs

Local | 12 Aug 2021 6:55 pm

Food writer and critic Agnes Chee Yan-Wei is collaborating with, Hong Kong’s leading technology company, to launch the world’s first non-fungible tokens (NFT) marketplace for international celebrity chefs called F.A.T Lab. 

An acronym for Food, Art and Technology, F.A.T Lab aims to position celebrity chefs as artists and create customized NFT for their creations.

The technology company said by introducing NFT into the culinary scene, they believe that they are introducing innovative vision into the industry, trailblazing new paths. 

Auction house Sotheby's describes NFT as “a new era of digital art”. Debuting in 2017, NFT gained much hype and popularity during the global coronavirus pandemic in 2020, recording unprecedented online activities and transactions, especially in the global art market.

Based in Hong Kong, Chee is a food writer and critic active in the international gastronomic scene. She writes a weekly food column for Hong Kong Economic Journal. She is also the author of “The Vanishing Flavours of Cantonese Cuisine” and “World-Changing Flavours”.

Chee said she always believes that a talented chef is an artist.

“This concept is revolutionary in the global culinary industry. It will propel the industry to the next level, creating new milestones and trends. I also hope that chefs receive copyright benefits by launching their creations or recipes as NFTs. Those who want to imitate must pay a fee. This will create public awareness of the intellectual property rights of chef’s creations,” said Chee.

“Chef’s creations have never been protected by such rights. Their creations are frequently copied with the inventors often unknown. I think the situation can be improved with the use of advanced technologies. It’s about time!” She added.

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