Hong Kong Bar Association investigates Martin Lee and Margaret Ng

Local | 28 Apr 2021 5:46 pm

Hong Kong Bar Association is currently investigating barrister Martin Lee Chu-ming and Margaret Ng Ngoi-yee and may strike off the two if they are found guilty of disciplinary offence. 

The two barristers, as well as lawyer Albert Ho Chun-yan, were convicted for participating in an unlawful assembly on August 18, 2019. Lee and Ng were sentenced to a 11-month and one-year imprisonment respectively and their sentences were suspended. 

The Bar Council, in which Paul Harris is the chairman, follows closely the two’s conviction and has launched investigation over their conviction, according to media report. 

Details are yet to be announced before the investigation closes. 

According to the website of the Association, all barristers in the city are subject to the Bar Code, which sets out the main principles governing the duties and conduct of barristers. 

If a barrister acts in breach of the Bar Code, the Bar Council may refer the case to the Barristers Disciplinary Tribunal. The Tribunal is an independent body comprising members appointed by the Chief Justice. 

If the barrister is found guilty of a disciplinary offence, the Tribunal has the power to impose punishment, including fine, suspension and striking off.

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