Carrie Lam says she told officials to not wear masks

Local | 4 Feb 2020 12:21 pm

The Chief Executive Carrie Lam cheng Yuet-ngor said today that she and other government officials will stop wearing face masks, to help save supplies for those in greater need, RTHK reports.

Masks are a touchy issue for Lam, as she pushes ahead with a legal challenge against a court ruling that struck down the emergency ban on facial coverings she introduced last year at the height of the anti-government protests.

Nevertheless, she did start wearing masks recently amid the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, donning supplies made by prisoners for government use.

But at a media briefing yesterday, she was mask-free once again, even though some of the officials alongside were taking precautions.

Before going into this week's Executive Council meeting, Lam said being as there is a shortage of masks in Hong Kong, officials should follow WHO advice that only certain groups of people need to wear them, including those who are sick, those going to crowded places, or visiting high-risk groups.

"We look at all officials who are going to meet the media. If they don’t match those criteria, they are not allowed to wear masks," the CE said.

"I actually told them they cannot wear them. And if they are [already] wearing them, they have to take them off."

Lam added that reporters should consider adopting the same practice.

Large queues of people were visible again in Hong Kong today, as people desperately try to get their hands on face masks.

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